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Current and Upcoming


Folds in Space

Poster of Colette Laliberté exhibition at 12 Degrees; From September 20 to December 12, 2019


Exhibition at 12 Degrees; 15 Beverley Street, Toronto, ON

September 20 - December 12, 2019

Curator: David McIntosh; Assistant Curator: Patricia Pastén


Shedding Memories | Des hangars dans le temps

Poster of Colette Laliberté exhibition at The Andrew & Laura McCain Art Gallery in Florenceville-Bristol in New Brunswick from Feb 3 to March 15 2018

Exhibition at The Andrew & Laura McCain Art Gallery Florenceville-Bristol, NB

February 3 - March 15, 2018

Curator/Director: Jennifer Stead


Take me to the Lake |  An Accomanying text by Chloé LaDuchesse on my exhibiiton NBIIS-EAU-WATER | January 4, 2018


Colette Laliberté in the media | The artist discuss her on-site wall painting



Colette Laliberté reconsiders the graphical representation of the Greater Sudbury map



Exhibition October 13 to November 2015


Studio Study, gouache on wall, 2017, photo credits: Colette Laliberté



Opening Friday October 13, at 5 PM

Exhibition October 13 to November 15, 2017

Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario (GNO)




In the studio planning and conceptualizing an in-situ exhibition for The Galerie du Nouvel Ontario, Sudbury scheduled to open in October 2017. I am also working on the ongoing series “Subterfuge.” And, finding time to develop a new series of folded paper shaped ink drawings. This collection with the working title “Unfeasible Imaginary Architectural Models” pursues my interest in architecture, and plays with the perception of 2-D and 3-D illusionistic spaces.


Grant from the Ontario Arts Council | January-December 2017


Group Exhibition